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– The North Dakota pipe line (The #NoDAPL Movement) –


Though greatly unreported by mainstream media, the #NoDAPL (Dakota Access Pipe-Line) movement is quickly on its way to one of the most historic and controversial of all movements. The pipeline’s original proposed route—crossing the Missouri River near the state’s capital of Bismarck—was voted down when residents of the city raised concern over potential contamination from the pipeline to the city’s drinking water. The new proposal route—accepted by state and federal officials—re-routes the pipeline towards the Standing Rock treaty lands which could possibly contaminate the drinking water of those on and around Standing Rock instead. What started as a meager standing protest by a small group of Natives, has now grown exponentially and escalated far beyond what the original protesters could have imagined. Presently, thousands of Natives from all over the country have traveled to the front lines to standing guard alongside their fellow Native brothers and sisters (the “Water Protectors” as they have come to be known). To join them are thousands of non-natives that have joined in the spirit of solidarity—to do their part in protecting the lands and rights of the Natives living in or around Standing Rock. Mothers and fathers with their children, environmental activists, celebrities…they’ve all converged to support the fight.
Though the very nature and spirit of the protesters is one of non-violent civil disobedience…they’ve been met with just that by police and officials. Violence in the form of tear gas and rubber bullets and hundreds of unlawful arrests. Hostility. Intimidation. The trampling of their civil and constitutional right to peacefully protest is by far, the most disturbing. However, support for the movement has not wavered. Rather, it’s only grown and deepened.
The fight is a noble one…and incredibly important. Not to mention, very necessary. It’s not just about protecting the water or the sacred lands. The project itself could have grossly significant impacts on the planet and its natural resources. A fact that has been well-documented is that the extraction of crude oil is a dirty process. There have been hundreds of oil spills reported around the country, which has ruined sources of drinking water, land and surroundings, rivers and wild-life. The corporation behind the project brings even more fear and worry, considering its reported dozens of its own spills and is embroiled in numerous lawsuits in states over ground-water and environment contamination following similar projects in their states. While the suits battle it out in federal court, the protester numbers continue to climb each and every day. So far, the people at Standing Rock are—incredibly–holding firm to the cause—in spite of the opposition. They are, undoubtedly, the heroes and heroines of Standing Rock.

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