A victory, no matter how small, is still a victory!

For the thousands of protesters that have traveled to North Dakota, stood on the front lines of this crucial and worthy cause for months–all while braving the harsh winter weather and unconstitutional (sometimes even down-right illegal and in-humane) treatment and outright violence from police, corporate officials, and pipeline construction workers…a small but crucial victory was claimed today! This victory, in the form of a rejection by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers — under the command of the current POTUS, President Obama — of a corporate appeal from the oil company behind the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline that would allow them to continue construction of the portion of the pipeline that would run beneath Lake Oahe, a large reservoir that outflows into the Missouri River and provides drinking water to thousands of indigenous residents in the area, including the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

This victory is a testament to the thousands of activists on the ground, and in large part–those at home behind the computer and at the keyboard, near and far. Without social media and the ever-growing spread of information, this victory is likely to have might not have been achieved. It is through social media–and not mainstream media–that the world was given a true picture of what was really happening on the ground in Standing Rock. The injustice and vile human rights violations struck a chord with millions of people, and it was social media that harnessed that resentment to spread and encourage support for the cause and the people. Social media, in this case, was a tool for good. It brought people together and renewed the importance of protecting the earth and its natural resources. In a country plagued with doubt and prejudice and discrimination–especially over the last few months–this cause united people, gave us hope once again in doing good, and in humanity itself. And social media was at the heart of it all.

Whatever might come in the upcoming days and weeks…there’s hope. And as social media continues to show…we won’t go down without a fight. We won’t back down. In unity, good will prevail…

To read more about today’s victory, click HERE !

Image result for #NoDAPL victory


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