Social Media : A World Unto Itself.

The introduction of the internet hasn’t just changed how we communicated with one another, it’s also implemented new ways for us to network and interact, sans the traditional face-to-face. Thanks to the internet, and more specifically Social Media, we not have a plethora of social platforms in which to choose from for our networking, advertising and marketing needs. And more recently, in the past decade, social media has provided a platform for activism. Instead of traveling to assert our constitutional right to peacefully protest the matters and issues that we believe in, we have social media and web sites that allow us to electronically sign and petition lawmakers and individuals in charge or, at the very least, are in a position to enact change. With websites such as and—(there’s even a site to officially petition the White House and the President)—numerous new bills and laws have been successfully put into effect that have contributed to the safety of citizens and the environment, among other things.


In some cases, justice for victims and families of victims has finally been awarded/found after (sometimes) years-long battles and the financial and legal exhaustion of all other justice-seeking avenues. Thanks to social media, you can protest, lobby, and petition for change—without even having to leave your house. With just a click of a button—literally—you can join a movement, take a stand, speak your piece, and take part in something much bigger than yourself. Sharing your involvement has never been easier than it is now. With just a few clicks—again—you can share and post your thoughts/opinions, share enlightening, educating, and informative articles, and recruit/encourage others to do the same. Sharing links, going “live”, retweeting and reposting—it all gives new meaning to “word of mouth”. News is immediate, it being literally at the tips of our fingers. Social media also serves as virtual clock, calendar, and map, even. You can schedule meetings/debates, find out when and where a particular rally will take place, and even plan a demonstration or protest with others of similar thinking to yours in support of a shared issue/cause. Most social media sites now will automatically send you notifications and/or reminders of events so you don’t forget, as well as connect you with like-minded individuals and/or appropriate, topical content based off of your online activity and terms/topics you’ve browsed for and looked into.


Social media, in so many ways, has become such a content-rich and wealth/source of information, that most definitely has given new meaning to activism. The options and platforms available are virtually endless. Moreover, change is no longer an idea that is just beyond our reach. It’s real and visceral—and again, both figuratively and literally—right at the end of our fingertips. And now more than ever before…it’s ours for the taking. Change…it’s on us. |JLR|


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