The Case of Objectivity vs. Black Lives Matter

I came across this interesting video above, which I found incredibly interesting–not for just the content itself–but also for the view in which the content is presented. I think the narrator of the video gives a successfully objective view of both sides of “Black Lives Matter” by making several effective points. There are plenty of videos out there that are biased and ONLY give the perspective from the “Black Lives Matter” movement, so this video Is a little refreshing. Even so, videos like these are damning in that they give a full view of both sides…which doesn’t always shine a positive light on the movement or what it’s supposed to stand for.

As the narrator points out, the movement has changed in so many ways since it was first founded on and began. In some ways good, and in other ways–not so good. The narrator makes several valid points and statements that I, admittedly, am in agreement with. I like how the narrator presents the controversy with the “All Lives Matter” hashtag and movement — choosing instead to NOT take sides on the issue by pointing out the falsehoods and flaws portrayed by both. I read the article that’s shown in the video, the one that purports that anyone who uses the hashtag “All Lives Matter” is unknowingly being an “accidental racist”. It bothered me when I first read it weeks ago, and it still bothers me to this moment. I hate that derogatory term–accidental racist–in that it often makes false assumptions of people’s intentions for using the term. Despite the accusations of many Black Lives Matter supporters, not everyone that uses “All Lives Matter” is trying to “whitewash” or re-write or insult the #BLM movement…some really do use it to simply say that all lives DO matter. The hashtag isn’t intended to be inclusive, it’s just a generalization that supports the assertion that all lives have worth, meaning, and the right to live without prejudice and fear–regardless of their skin color.

I agree with the narrator when it’s pointed out and inferred that for a movement that was enacted out of the desire to avoid violence and bring peace, it sure does incite a lot of violence itself. The narrator isn’t wrong. It’s become increasingly obvious that the ideals of BlackLivesMatter have changed over the past few years.  While I agree that something has to be done about these horrific injustices and that change is needed, I DON’T agree with inciting violence in retaliation to said violence. It only makes the problem that much worse when the situation is bad enough as it is. I’m very much intrigued by the hypocrisy and irony associated with Black Lives Matter, particularly regarding the idea of Anti-Police Brutality. As the narrator points out, assumptions have been made involving Black Lives Matter and the belief that only black individuals can be victims of police brutality. I disagree. Black lives may be targeted more, but there’s also evidence that shows plenty of white individuals on the receiving end of police brutality as well. It’s not contained to race–but that’s the perspective we’ve been given by the media, unfortunately. It’s propaganda and it’s misleading…and it’s dangerous. The police have been slapped with a generalization that they are all corrupt, murdering racists and that’s unfair. Black Lives Matter has essentially pointed the blame and put a price tag on the lives of ALL police officers everywhere when the majority are true public servants trying–at the risk of their own lives–to keep the peace, to protect, and to serve. To accuse otherwise is to do to the police exactly what is being done to black lives…and that serves neither side any good. The old adage “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” that serves this issue quite well, I think. Protests calling for the death of all cops completely undermine the originating ideals of the movement. The fight is for racial equality and peace, and NOT a call for more bloodshed. At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be for. More often than not, that hasn’t been the case.

I support the movement and the OLD ideals it held and stood for, but have my misgivings about the movement that it is now. I’m not denying that there’s a real race problem in this country, that it’s only getting worse, and that it NEEDS to be changed–that of course, I’m well aware of. I just don’t believe that harboring and spreading more hate and/or violence around is a productive use of Black Lives Matter’s time. All it does is widen the wedge between black lives and white which–the wider that wedge gets–the further back society is sent–undoing all the progress that’s been made since those awful days of racism, segregation, and civil rights violations. Black or white–that helps no one. No one whatsoever.



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