Letters For Black Lives…

There’s a website/resource I stumbled across several months back aptly titled “Letters for Black Lives” that I found to be not only interesting, but also quite useful, and so I thought I’d share it here as well.

You can access the site by clicking HERE!

You’re welcome to visit the site yourself (and I highly encourage you to do so!) and form your own opinion on its usefulness and/or the quality of its resources and posted material, but I thought I’d point out some sections that I found particularly useful during my visits to the site.


As you’ll soon discover when you visit the site, it’s essentially a virtual discussion form where anyone of all races, beliefs, religions, and creeds can share their thoughts and concerns regarding #BlackLivesMatter, without fear of reprisal or animosity. Unlike many social media platforms where harsh backlash is sometimes prevalent in the form of opposing commenters and followers, Letters for Black Lives is a virtual safe place for individuals to post their thoughts—controversial or not—start a discussion, or ask questions without being attacked, intimidated into deleting your post, or forced to defend your words. While the site has many great qualities, the best (in my opinion) part is that the site encourages and promotes diversity. It does this by publishing it’s originating letter concerning racial inequities for people of color in communities around the world in various spoken languages—thereby including and appealing to everyone!

Some of the languages/translations available include (AUDIO/VIDEO recordings are available too!)

      • ENGLISH
      • SPANISH
      • FRENCH
      • MANDARIN
      • JAPANESE
        • And more…

There are even audio/video recordings of letters & posts in AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE for those with hearing impairments! 


Another great aspect about the site is that it’s completely up to you what you want to/don’t want to post. Though the main idea is #BlackLivesMatter and the ideals that the movement stands for and tries to uphold, there is literally no restrictions on what you can talk or write about. Some #BlackLivesMatter topics that others have posted about and/or are discussing on the site include (but certainly are not limited to):

  • Police Violence
  • #BlackLivesMatter Activism
  • Community Gatherings and Local #BLM Events
  • Personal Experiences With Prejudice or Racial Bias

**The potential topics/subjects to write about and/or discuss on Letters for Black Lives are virtually endless!!**

So, if the #BlackLivesMatter movement is something you’re deeply interested in or you just need a safe place to vent without a litany of commentators or “friends” tearing apart and analyzing every word or opinion you voice or type, be sure to visit Letters for Black Lives!!


Click HERE to follow/join Letters for Black Lives: Community on Facebook!!

Click HERE to follow Letters for Black Lives on Twitter!!


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